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Bioflux offers wide range of latest advnaced technologies from Europe, U.S. and all other Regions to provide a 'TOTAL SOLUTION'.

Wastewater Treatment

Advanced wastewater treatment solution



Top results in record time

P       Rapid incipient effect and top results with a highly economical application: It outshines all other precipitants available on the market by far.

P       Causes extremely stable flocculation in record time

P       Visibly improves sludge formation properties immediately with a long-lasting effect.

P       Ensures stable operation of the plant due to a low sludge index and high sedimentation rate.

P       Controls floating sludge effectively.

P       Prevents sludge drifting in the event of hydraulic overload.

P       Reliably binds very fine floc and suspended matter in the post-clarification unit.

P       Distinctly improves the result of sludge densification and dewatering.

Biogas Power Generation and Waste Management

Biogas and waste management solution provided Novis GmbH 


The process is based on the anaerobic digestion of biomass. The proposed digester technology for the project is a so-called High Performance Temperature Controlled (HPTC) biogas plant. The HPTC, in contrast to the conventional one-stage digester, is a 2-staged digester in which the process of hydrolysis/acidification and methanisation is taking place in separate tanks. Main advantages include a substantially higher (20-30%) biogas yield and more importantly the HPTC allows the efficient use of different, mixed organic substrates that are difficult or impossible to digest in conventional plants.

The following diagram is a simplified presentation of the two-stage HPTC digester:

Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Treatment 

Dr.POME solution ensures the Palm Oil Mill's Discharge meets the BOD requirement of below 20ppm imposed by the government.

Dr.POME is simple to use and does not require any modifications to the existing treatment facilities, as such there is no major capital outlay required.

Bioflux Malaysia provides our State-of-theart technology in Dr.POME solution and technical support for optimization in maintenance cost towards its objective to meet the Malaysian Government regulation on POME discharge.

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