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novis GmbH ("NOVIS") realises projects in developing countries. The results of projects are plants for economical current, heat and cooling from renewable sources.

NOVIS delivers innovative, reliable and economical solutions. As an independent project developer NOVIS examine the preconditions of the local project site and recommend the best technical process. Technological solutions for many countries have to fulfil extreme requirements: Low investment, stable in extreme climates, easy to handle and maintain by local personal, high process stability and reliable operation. Input material can be found everywhere: biological wastes, harvest wastes, spoiled food or urban waste sites provide energy.


In the projects NOVIS always use the most efficient and eco-friendly technologies. Therefore, NOVIS has reached agreements worldwide with specialists for biomass plants. In the projects NOVIS work with pyrolysis-, fermentation-, and incineration plants. This way NOVIS guarantee at every point in time to offer individually for any location the most innovative, most reliable and most economical solution for the generation of renewable energy.

The best technical solution for the respective project is realised by NOVIS in a timely and professional way. Through our extensive project management experience NOVIS realise the transfer of the technology and the construction of the plants in the partner countries. Our approach is always target and success oriented.

For more information, please visit the official web site of novis GmbH:



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